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Vulnerability Scanning as a Service An innovative venture between SM and CI


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Vulnerability Scanning as a Service An innovative venture between SM and CI

“Proactively discover & manage your web application & network vulnerabilities”
The IT world will forever remember the Sony PlayStation hacking incident in 2011 where 77 million PlayStation Network users’ personal information was compromised. Although understandably, Sony has taken rigorous steps to secure their system at the aftermath of the incident, some cautious customers might never return back. The sad thing is, this incident can be avoided as the cause of the hacking is known vulnerability in their web application server platform that was exploited by hackers. However, this vulnerability was not known to Sony management. This incident is an example how certain organizations tend to take lightly possible vulnerabilities that are present in their network or system. Tackling known vulnerabilities is always better than having to deal with damage control or worst, lost of business after a massive security breach on your network. This is why services like vSCAN is very important to every organizations.

vSCAN is a comprehensive program designed to help organizations implement the tools, methodologies and best practices required to address today’s dynamic vulnerability landscape. It is a revolutionary protection on demand services that proactively respond to network and web vulnerabilities. vSCAN is an easy-to-use, cloud-based service that provides organizations with the most advanced technology to discover, scan and assess their critical assets without adding headcount or costly software and hardware systems.


vSCAN is powered by the award winning Qualys’ QualysGuard Cloud Plarform which offers below scanning services:

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Scans your entire network for vulnerabilities
  • Web Application Scanning: A very accurate and highly automated solution that crawls website and web applications, perform assessments and provide comprehensive reports
  • Policy Compliance: Provide proof of compliance demanded by auditors across multiple compliance initiative by giving documented evidence that policy compliance lapses have been fixed.
  • PCI Compliance: Enables merchants and Member Service Providers to promptly complete a PCI ASV Scan by conducting web and network security scans to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.
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