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Organizations that are interested in a proactive approach to security should consider offensive measures for simulating attacker methodologies and techniques. The number of vulnerabilities and testing techniques increase every day, presenting many entry points into the infrastructure. SOFTKEY engineers stay on the leading edge of delivering world class penetration testing services with ongoing research, development, and training. SOFTKEY’s hands-on experience and top quality deliverables exceed customer expectations.

SOFTKEY’s focus on security solutions related to vulnerabilities, exploits, and regulatory compliances gives the SOFTKEY security services team an advantage in the market. SOFTKEY Corporation, one of the original pioneers in the vulnerability assessment space, and developer of the first integrated penetration testing and vulnerability scanner technologies, offers our penetration testing engineers the luxury of having access to vulnerability researchers, exploit developers, and zero day knowledge bases.

Penetration testing services include both manual and automated approaches to meet your project goals and requirements. Defining the goal for penetration testing can be a challenge for some organizations as many projects are instigated from the result of many third party regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI DSS 11.3. When speaking with a SOFTKEY engineer, you will be assured that your project will be well defined and prepared to exceed your expectations.

Why to Choose SOFTKEY as your Penetration Testing Service

  • Dedicated engineers that focus specifically on penetration testing day in and day out
  • Engineers all have programming language experience such as PERL, C, and Python
  • Exploitation of various protocols inclusive of IPv4 and IPv6
  • All pen testers have heterogeneous operating system experience such as Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows
  • Include manual testing to augment and extend the tool based approach
  • Engineers reside in the same office as the SOFTKEYexploit development and research team
  • Employees are educated with at least a Bachelors degree and must maintain industry recognized certifications
  • SOFTKEY consultants hold PCI QSA credentials and have daily exposure to a wide array of networks performing assessments for regulatory compliance such as PCI, FISMA, NERC, and more
  • Engineers have U.S. classified clearances assuring backgrounds and ethics